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Контрольная на тему «Grammar exercises»


Контрольная работа №1.

Вариант 1.

I. Grammar exercises.

1. Supply the articles where necessary.

  1. It’s a plant of   telephone equipment. The plant is outside Moscow. It’s a very large plant. The manager of our company is going to visit the plant with the Chief Engineer of GML on Friday.
  2. The inspectors of the company would like to go to the plant in the afternoon.
  3. There is a large bookshelf in my study. The bookshelf is on the wall. It is a nice bookshelf.
  4. What is the weather like today? The weather is very cold.
  5. My company is interested in buying the machines Model B20.
  6. There is a lot of accommodation at the seaside in __ Great Britain, but the accommodation is very expensive.
  7. _Demand for the latest model of cars is very big in __Japan.
  8. During the talks the Seller offered the Russian trade company a 12% discount on the price. The Buyer agreed to the discount and the companies signed a contract that day.
  9. Is Mr. Blake in the office? – No, he is not. He has just left for the airport to meet a French trade representative.
  10.  The price for a pump was 500$. The offer suited the Buyers and they decided to sign a contract on those terms. 


Условие задачи:

I. Grammar exercises.

1. Supply the articles where necessary.

2. Supply the correct prepositions where necessary.

3. Supply the correct forms of comparison.

4. Supply the correct tense forms.

5. Change the following sentences in Direct Speech into Reported Speech.

6. Supply modal verbs or their equivalents.

7. Translate from Russian into English.

III. Translate the following text into Russian.

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