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Контрольная на тему «Degrees of comparison»


43 Degrees of comparison (1)

A right            B wrong (correct the sentence, please)

1. I'm busier than my little sister. (A)

2. London is older than New York. (B)

3. It's the sharpest pencil I have. (B)

4. Do you know the shortest way to the station? (A)

5. This exercise is more difficult than that one. (A)

6. Be more active at your lessons, please. (B)

7. She is the prettiest girl I've ever known. (B)

8. The boy is as tall as his father. (B)

9. He makes more mistakes than you do. (A)

10. Baseball is the most popular summer sport in America. (B)

11. Yesterday he started to feel worse. (B)

12. Soon it began to get darker and it was time to go back home. (B)

13. He said that money was the most important to him. (A)

14. I've got a headache. Be quieter, please. (A)

15. Mary's answer is more correct than yours. (B)

16. Can you come earlier next time? (B)

17. You should be more careful. (B)


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VIII. Find the word corresponding to the definition:

IX. Give the synonyms:

X. Read and translate the following sentences incorporating new words:

XI. Translate into English:

XII. Insert prepositions:

XIII. Open the brackets:

XIV. Translate the sentences into English:

XV. Answer the questions:

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