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Forged Under The Sun Essay, Research Paper

Forged Under the Sun

American Indian stories is the story of an Indian girl’s childhood experiences and how she

went to school and also talks about the different Indian customs. The book sarts out with how her

father, uncle and little sister were killed by the white men, and how much her mother resented the

white men or palefaces as she called them. Bead work was one of the main things the Indian

women did and so the little Indian girl also learned to do bead work by watching her mom. This

book also tells of the many Indian myths or beliefs. In one case the little girl and many of the

villagers were going to see a young warriors first arrival and their was a great party and during the

walk to the center of the camp the little girl tried to grab a plum when her mother told her not to

get a plum because the plum bush was growing out of the hands of an Indian boy who always like

to play and eat plums. one day missionaries came to the camp to basically send mostly

children to the East so they would learn the ways of the white man and also become civilized and

in turn help bring more Indians Eastward to help with the modernization of America and Indians.

The book describes in detail the regiment of what happened and how the little girl was feeling

while she was in school and the day she went back home to visit her mother and also to recruit

new children from the school she came from. Finally the little girl became a teacher. The book

goes on to describing a warrior chief and his pride and joy in his little daughter and how he didn’t

see anyone that would be able to marry his daughter. Blue-Star Woman was an Indian women at

the age fifty three. She is described as a lady who keeps asking herself the question, Who am I?

Blue-Star Woman was kept alive by the generosity of her neighbors. Finally the Chief Indian was

in prison but by the help of Blue-Star’s to nephews.

The southern railroad was under construction by mostly Chinese immigrants. During which

time the Chinese were treated very wrongfully by the railroad supervisors and managers. After

most of the railroads were built most of the Chinese immigrants were working as cleaners, that is

as a cloths cleaners and servants. At one point the president ordered the hut of Chinese

immigration to the United States. Andrew Carnagie ordered railroads to charge higher freight fees

in Birmingham. This in turn angered the railroad workers and led to strikes everywhere in the

country. These strikes were in turn very violent at which time state troops killed a few and injured

many more strikers. The greatest scandal of the Grant Administration grew out of corruption

enveloping railroad promotion, and the great amount of money this administration and the railroads

were making by the land and advertisement and corruption the railroad brought.

John D. Rockefeller,s Standard Oil Company controlled almost ninety percent of the

nation’s oil refining capacity. As you can see the railroads controlled the shipment cost and also

controlled the shipment of all major businesses such as mining of minerals, oil, steel and cotton.

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